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The Wishbone Lollypop

The Wishbone Lollypop is designed to engage the users, first with each other and then with the object itself. Based on the ritual of breaking the wishbone after a chicken or turkey dinner, the candy serves to create a moment between two people that will not soon be forgotten. As long as the candy lasts, and quite likely afterwards, the user experience is being solidified.

The thesis of this project is a reaction to the proliferation of media and the widespread use of personal mobile devices. It seems that everyone on the street is plugged in to a BlackBerry or iPod, insulating themselves from their environment. Interactions between people have also dwindled as emails and text messaging allow us to be that much more removed. The Wishbone Lollypop cuts through the noise and invites two people to come together, even for just a moment.

The Wishbone Lollypop

The Wishbone Lollypop (Red, Crushed Cinnamon Flavor)


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